Organic Kalamata Olives al Naturale

Organic Kalamata Olives al Naturale

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Under the Greek sun, MANI organic Kalamata olives develop their characteristic mild-fruity flavour. The olives once harvested by hand are then naturally cured for six months, seasoned with MANI extra virgin olive oil, salt and aromatic oregano then vacuum packed in the jar.

Ingredients: Kalamata olives* (99%), extra virgin olive oil*, oregano*, sea salt. *Product of certified organic farming.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Philip Moulden

Excellent product with excellent service.We wouldn’t go anywhere else now for olives.

S Farmer
High Quality Olives in Far To Much Salt!

As much as these ticked all the boxes, Organic, in Olive Oil etc, However, after eating only 3 of these olives, (much less than I usually would eat) its not easy to eat small amounts of olives, for me at least,
I got an overpowering taste of Salt, and found I was totally gasping for water, it was only then that I noticed how incredibly high in salt they are!

In my rough estimation, there is a whole day of RDA of Salt (3.5G) in about half the jar and I would guess this is around 10-12 olives.

For me this spoils the benefits for me of eating these particular olives, as high salt is very bad for the heart, had I looked at the salt content before buying I would not have ordered as many as I did, and based on this discovery, unfortunately, I cannot recommend them.

The Service and Packing was excellent, and the bottled Olive Oil I can highly recommend.

Fi Culligan

Great product and great service